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Sailing, sailing schools and yachtcharter Gran Canaria

Sailing is the art of controlling a sailing vessel. By changing the rigging, rudder and dagger or centre board, a sailor manages the force of the wind on the sails in order to change the direction and speed of a boat.
Mastery of the skill requires experience in varying wind and sea conditions, as well as knowledge concerning sailboats.
Sailing is very popular in Gran Canaria, largely due to the island’s perfect climate and the predominant winds.
Sailing schools in the South of the island are offering sailing lesson packages and hourly lessons, with the possibility to earn international Sailing Certifications.

Atlantic Rallye for Cruisers

One of the famous events in Gran Canaria is the ARC - the Atlantic Rallye for Cruisers. This annual transatlantic rally starting each November in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,
has now become the most popular way to cross the Atlantic. The largest transocean sailing event in the world, every year the ARC brings together over 200 yachts from all over the world. The Caribbean destination is Rodney Bay in St.Lucia

Sailing schools and harbours in Gran Canaria:

Joaquin Blanco Sailing school

Puerto Rico
Puerto Escala
Tel.: 928 560762

Sail & Surf Overschmidt Sailing school

Puerto Rico
Puerto Escala
Tel. 928 565292www.segelschule-grancanaria.de

Marina Las Palmas

27º 07' 00" N 15º 25' 00" W - show map mooring places: 1.134
Tel. 928 300 464 max. boat lengthe: 45 m
Radio: VHF Ch 16 draft: 3-7 m

Puerto de Mogán

Webcam at Puerto Mogan
27º 49' 00" N 15º 45' 48" W - show map mooring places: 216
Tel. 928 565 668 max. boat lengthe: 45 m
Radio: VHF Ch 12 und 16 draft: 13 m

Puerto Rico

27º 46' 43" N 15º 42' 34" W - show map mooring places: 534
Tel. 928 561 141 max. boat lengthe: 16 m
Radio: VHF Ch 8 und 16 draft: 1-5 m

Pasito Blanco

27º 44’ 6" N 15º 37’ 3" W - show map mooring places: 381
Tel. 928 142 194 max. boat lengthe: 40 m
Radio: VHF Ch 9 draft: 8-9 m

Anfi del Mar

27º 46’ 16"  N 15º 41’ 83"  W - show map mooring places: 89
Tel.. 928 150 120 / 798 marina@anfi.es max. boat lengthe: 15 m

Puerto de las Nieves, Agaete

28º 6' N - 15º 43' W - show map  
Tel.: 928 554 227  


27º 45' N - 15º 41' W - show map  
Tel.: 928 736 441  

Discover Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria
the highest peaks, coves and beaches, amazing ravines and subtropical vegetation -this is Gran Canaria